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X-Pod was a sub-theme of Designer Sets from 2004 to 2005, and then later under Creator in 2006. There were three waves with four pods in each wave.



The second edition of the Auto Pod

X-Pods are small, round containers (with four studs on the top) which can be used to build on, or store LEGO bricks. They were designed for portability, because, as the subtheme's tagline went: "The urge to build can strike anywhere: Now you'll be prepared!" They are about four inches in diameter, and two inches high, and are quite popular. They come in nine different themes: Automobiles*, Aircraft*, Animals (In general), Arachnids, Aquatic Life, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Monsters, and Robots*. The pods themselves come in three parts: Two lids of the same colour, and a clear container in the middle, which later became a transparent colour. Models from an X-Pod cannot be built simultaneously, and normally carry less than around 55 bricks. Using lids from a pod, or the entire pod in a model is quite popular as well, especially in combination models. In later editions of the pods, the instructions became foldable, and could fit inside the pod, but they included less models than the others.

* The Automobile, Aircraft, and Robot pods were released twice as different sets. Robot Pod was also released in a black colour scheme for Halloween.


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
BlaropodX1 4335  Black Robot Pod  50     $3.50  2004 
4337-1-1 4337  Dragon Pod  52     $3.50  2005 
4338 Box 4338  Monster Pod  49     $3.50  2005 
4339-1 4339  Aqua Pod  56     $3.49  2005 
Robopod 4346  Robo Pod  50     $3.49  2004 
4347 Box 4347  Auto Pod  67     $3.50  2004 
Oldyeller2 4348  Aero Pod  36     $3.49  2004 
4349 Wild Pod 4349  Wild Pod  44     $3.50  2004 
4413 4413  Arachno Pod  57       2005 
AtoP3 4415  Auto Pod  56     $3.49  2006 
Robo Pod 4416  Robo Pod  71       2006 
4417-1 4417  Aero Pod  60     $4.99  2006 
4418-1 4418  Dino Pod  55     $3.50  2006 
X-Podpaypack99 65535  X-Pod Play Off Game Pack  219     $20.00  2004 
K4346-1 K4346  X-Pod Kit  197       2004 
K4413-0000-xx-13-1 K4413  X-Pod Cool Creatures Collection  213       2005 


Board Game

LEGO invented a board game designed to be played with 2 X-Pods, called X-Pod Playoff. A set was also made to go with this game.

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