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Wooden Toys
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Wooden Toys is the name of the very first theme of LEGO toys to be created. The first toy was made in 1932, and exclusive to the shop owned by the LEGO Creator. It was created by Ole Kirk Christiansen.


A wooden truck from 19321958

History and Sets

Beginnings of The LEGO Group

The LEGO Group began in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Billund, Denmark, who began making wooden toys in 1932. In 1934, his company came to be called LEGO[1], and expanded to producing plastic toys in 1940. In 1949, LEGO began producing the now famous interlocking bricks, calling them Automatic Binding Bricks. These bricks were based largely on the design of Kiddicraft Self-Locking Bricks, which were then released in the United Kingdom in 1947.

Side on ducky

A profile of a LEGO duck



A wooden LEGO duck

One of the first and best known products released by LEGO in the 1930's was the Wooden Duck. The duck was later remade in LEGO bricks as 2011 LEGO Duck. Another well known wood toy is Teddy Bill. However, there were many others.

Teddy bill

Teddy Bill's truck

Pony and cart

Horse and cart

These sets ended production in the 1960s.

End of Wood Toy manufacturing

As the plastic toys started gaining popularity in the mid-1950’s, the production of wooden toys was scaled back. The few wood and plastic toys that remained were marketed under the name Bilofix in 1959 and all non-system toys were finally discontinued in 1960. On 4 February 1960, the LEGO department for wooden toy production was struck by lightning and burned down for the third time. After much consideration, it was decided to discontinue production of wooden toys and to concentrate solely on plastic toys. As a result, two of the brothers, Karl Georg and Gerhardt, decided to leave the LEGO company and start their own separate business, called BILOfix. LEGO had produced at least several hundred different wooden toys and plastic toys designs since 1932. In their 28 years of production, none of the wooden toys were ever sold outside of Denmark.


Screen Shot 2012-01-30 at 7.00.56 PM
At the time, the distinguishing feature of the wooden toys was their high quality. The need for only the best is still found even in today's LEGO sets. The LEGO Duck, in particular, is a symbol of the LEGO company's early years. The wooden toys are displayed in museums.

List of Wooden Toys

Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
Woodtruck6 662/1  Wooden Truck 6         1950 
Kip Chicken  (Høne)        
Kuikens Chicken  (ælling)        
Tekkel Dog  (Hund)        
Wood 1945 autopistB Halvautomatisk  Legetöjspistol       19451949 
No image BILOfix  ILOfix          
Pullgoat LEGO  "Clumsy Hans"       1936 
Иииииииииии LEGO  Cat (Large)       Mid 1930's - Late 1950's 
26.) Pulltoy CAT LEGO  Cat (Medium)       Mid 1930's - Late 1950's 
SmallCat LEGO  Cat (Small)       Mid 1930's - Late 1950's 
1940CoveredTruck LEGO  Covered Truck       1940 
Wooden-duck LEGO  Duck       1935 
Cart LEGO  Metal Buggy        
1946Monkey LEGO  Monkey       1946 
1940Truck LEGO  Plank-side Truck       1940 
Horsecarriage2 LEGO  Pony and Trap         1937 
1947Rooster LEGO  Rooster       1947 
1949Tractor LEGO  Tractor       1949 
1935Train Wooden  Train       1935 
Bike-2 Metal  Bike with Rubber Wheels        
Teddybill Teddy  In A Cart       1950-1954 
Terrier2 Terrier  (Hund)        
Wood- Wooden Abacus Wooden  Abacus       1949 
COW big Wooden  Cow        
Wooden lego croc Wooden  Crocodile      
Eend oud Wooden  Duck        
Wooden lego elephant Wooden  Elephant        
Milchkutsche Wooden  Horse with milkcart        
Fyrfryyu Wooden  LEGO Cat       1930-1940 
Lam Wooden  Lamb        
Wooden lemming Wooden  Lemming        
Varken Wooden  Pig        
WoodenPluto Wooden  Pluto          
Woodsoldier Wooden  Ringfigure          
Woodtruck Wooden  Truck 1       19321940 
Woodtruck2 Wooden  Truck 2       1930–1940 
Woodtruck3 Wooden  Truck 3         1930–1940 
Woodtruck4 Wooden  Truck 4         1930–1940 
Woodtruck5 Wooden  Truck 5         1930–1940 
Woodtruck7 Wooden  Truck 7         1930–1940 
Woodtruck8 Wooden  Truck 8         1930–1940 
Woodtruck9 Wooden  Truck 9         1930–1940 
Ииииииии Wooden  Truck Bus         1930-1940 
Cadilac Yellow  Chevrolet "Bel Air"       1957 
LEGO Yo-Yo Yo-Yo  o-Yo       1932 
500 LEGO Klodser - Original Edition 500  LEGO Klodser         1948 
$ 57 (1) Wooden  storage box       $225  1960-1964 



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