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White Ninja Princess is a Ninja minifigure introduced in 1999. She wears all white and wields two Samurai swords. She looks very similar to the Zane minifigure. The White Ninja also appears in a LEGO Universe ad. The minifigure was reproduced in the 2010 set 852769 Vintage Minifigure Collection Volume 5. Both a shuriken and what appears to be a knife are tucked away in her robes.


She has a white ninja mask with a place in the back where she can put her katana, black oval eyes with three eyelashes on each, and a white torso representing robes. Underneath her robes she wears a scaly gold shirt; also in her robes she holds a knife and a shuriken. The White Ninja Princess has white arms, yellow hands, black hips and white legs.


She goes around on her cart attacking the villains in her way.



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