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Vicki Vale

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Vicki Vale is a Super Heroes minifigure who appears in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.


She has the same hairpiece as Elsa Schneider, but in orange and wears red lipstick. She wears tan coloured clothes with buttons. Her hips and legs are also plain tan.


In the comics, Vicki Vale is a reporter for the Gotham Gazette and is an occasional love interest of Bruce Wayne.

In LEGO Batman 2

In LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, Vicki Vale is depicted as a television reporter for GCN, or Gotham City News. She is seen reporting the Man of the year award ceremony at the beginning of the game. Later in the game she is seen reporting about the masive break out of Arkham Asylum and villians are found everywhere in Gotham city. She reports on many of the events throughout the game, such as the fire at Ace Chemicals and the Joker Robot.

She is a playable character on both console and portable version of the game. Her minikit can be found in Ace Chemicals. She costs 10,000 studs on the portable version.

The Lego Batman Movie

Vicki has a brief cameo in The Lego Batman Movie. Her appearance is based on Kim Basinger's portrayal in the 1989 film Batman.


Video Game Appearances

Movie Appearances


  • In the comics, Vicki Vale is a reporter for the Gotham Gazette newspaper, not a television reporter for Gotham City News as she is in the video game.


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