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Please comment and share your thoughts and ideas for the themes


  • This theme would be a fantasy type theme with Spartans fighting with old style weaponry and vehicles such as Trirems(ship),Canoe,Trojan Horse, Catapaults, Carriages, and Battering Rams against mythological creatures like a Minotaur, Faun, Cyclops, Medusa, and Hydra.
  • There should be Greek temples and architecture, the new ridged collum piece used for 2011 Atlantis would be used often
  • The Spartans would share the same helemet and weapons as the one from Collectable Minifigures but the appearance would be changed because of expenses.
  • There would also be a greek king with a toga, a golden spartan general, and temple guards with a diferent spartan helmet
  • No Gods, Godesses, Dieties, ect. would be featured or mentioned so no religion offensiveness accures


  • This theme would be about special agents using special equipment and vehicles to hunt down

horror themed monsters such as ghosts, slime monster, fly man, giant spider, swamp monster, mad scientist and his creation, wolfman and others

  • There should be some consistant color scheme like red and black, lime and red, or blue and black, ect.
  • The largest set for the first wave should be a haunted house
  • The mad scientist' lab monster is loosely based upon Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein"


  • This theme is a remake of the Arctic theme consisting of Polar Rangers hunting down frozen fossils with bases, snowmobiles, vehicles, ect. The new feature about Polar Rangers is that ice monsters such as yetis would be featured
  • The Polar Bear would be featured except with a printing of eyes
  • Small yeti like creatures would be featured, along with a Large Yeti, which are not the same pieces used for Orient Expedition
  • The color scheme should be white, orange, and blue


  • This theme would be a good idea since it was never produced previously, the idea of the theme is Martains using vehicles like tri-pods and saucers to invade Earth and destroy mankind, special Secret Agents would use equipment and vehicles to take them down
  • This theme would loosely be based upon War of the Worlds and Independance Day franchises
  • This would feature agents that would be remakes of Alpha Team and Agents
  • Once again the martains would be new pieces, this time more human like with a large eyed elongated head and green skin.
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