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I AM OUTTA HERE!!!!! After being severely disrespected on the SOD Wiki, I've decided to cut all contact with this and any wiki involving dragons of any kind or sort!!!!!!!!! That means no more Brickipedia, (thank you Ollie the Dragon for that one), Wookieepedia, (Thank you Kayat Dragon, I don't even care if I spelled your name right), HTTYD Wiki, SOD Wiki, Harry Potter Wiki, or any other wiki involving the word Dragon!!!!! I AM SO DONE!!!!!! Never, and I mean NEVER, have I felt so darn betrayed, insulted, embarrassed, and overall degraded by the internet!!!!!!! Hmph, I personally thought there was nothing wrong with my Flight Suit Images, and I was really proud of them, but no, one of those filthy admins had the NERVE to tell me that my images, that I took so flippin' long to make, were quote: "Utterly Useless"!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmph, goodbye HTTYD Wiki, goodbye Brickipedia, goodbye SOD Wiki, goodbye Wookieepedia, god riddance Harry Potter Wiki, I hate you all!!!!!!!! Rockatoa, Brickticks out, FOREVER!!!!!!!

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