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Space Police II
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Unitron was a subtheme of the LEGO Space theme in the years 1994 and 1995.


Taking over the "good guy" theme space race from the Space Police II was the Unitron, a more military themed group. Unitron also features elements from the classic Futuron line, as it revolved around a large monorail system powered by a 9V battery; it retained LEGO interchangeability in the form of small, sleek cockpits which could dock on the front or top of its vehicles. Unfortunately, aside from a ground installation, a large buggy, an advanced looking spaceship, and aforementioned monorail, the theme was underdeveloped, a fact that is still lamented today.

The two Unitron vehicles were 1787 Crater Cruiser and their largest starcraft 1789 Star Hawk II (both 1995) (which was only half the size for most of the other space races' largest starships). The base was 1793 Space Station Zenon (1995). The monorail system was 6991 Monorail Transport Base (1994). This set was the last LEGO monorail set released, and the only Unitron set that was released outside of America.

Dark grey quietly made an appearance as a new LEGO Space colour in Unitron minifigure torsos. Aside from the rocks they built their bases on, the colour appears in no other parts in this theme.


In Europe, Unitron had no other set then the monorail, which made the faction not credible as "good guys fighters" challenging Spyrius. Instead, catalogue pictures showed them as civilians attacked by Spyrius to steal their technology. They also faced a Spyrius assault during TV commercials[1].



Image # Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
1787-1 1787  Crater Cruiser  180  2   $18.00  1995 
1789 Box 1789  Star Hawk II  288  Unitron AstronautUnitron Chief   $27.00  1995 
1793 Box 1793  Space Station Zenon  340  3     1995 
5039 5039  Monorail Stop/Reverse Switch for Space Track       1989 
5040 5040  Monorail 9V Motor for Space Track       1989 
5041 5041  Space Track Connector Lead 9V       1989 
6347 Monorail Accessory Track 6347  Monorail Accessory Track  54       1991 
6704 Space Explorers 6705  Space Explorers  34  Commander ColdSpyrius AstronautSpyrius ChiefSpyrius DroidUnitron Chief     1994 
6921 Box 6921  Monorail Accessory Track  46     $$34.95  1988 
6991 Box 6991  Monorail Transport Base  573  4   $178.00  1994 



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  1. Spyrius attacking the monorail in French advertising
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