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The Tyrannosaurus rex, or T-rex, (Tye-RAN-uh-SAWR-us) is a LEGO Animal dinosaur, usually made of multiple parts. Since the first T-rex was released in 1997 in DUPLO, various incarnations and versions of the T-rex have been released since.

DUPLO Tyrannosaurs

DUPLO T-rex version 1

The first T-Rex figures appeared in 1997 in the preschool targeted DUPLO Theme. The figure was part of DUPLO's new Dino theme, and was only one single piece with no movable parts. The original DUPLO Tyrannosaurs only came in red, and in two sizes: an adult T-rex, and a baby T-rex.

In 1999, blue colored baby DUPLO T-rex were made available in the sets 2803 Dinosaur Babies and 2821 Dinosaurs Fun Forest.

A green colored DUPLO T-Rex was produced in 2002 for the set 3615 Theatre Stories.

DUPLO T-rex version 2

2008 saw the reintroduction of DUPLO's Dino (DUPLO) theme, but with a new DUPLO T-rex figure which was more articulated, with movable parts. The new DUPLO T-rex was produced in dark red and green.

System Tyrannosaurs

Version 1, Dino Island

2000 saw the release of the Adventurers sub-theme Dino Island, which featured the first T-Rex figure made specifically for LEGO Systems sets. The figure consisted of five movable parts, including arms originally used for the Dragon minifigure. A new head, tail, and body piece were made specifically for the new theme and the figure would only be produced in green. The T-rex would go on to be used in the Studios set 1349 LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set and two sets related to Adventurers theme. Two of these Tyrannosauruses appear in the video game LEGO Racers 2 running around Dino Island. The T-Rex also appears in the video game LEGO Island 2.

Version 2, Dinosaurs, Jurassic Park 3, and Spinosaurs

In 2001, LEGO released its Dinosaurs line, which consisted of new dinosaur figures made of new interchangeable movable parts which could be mixed and matched to create different species of dinosaurs. The set 6720 Tyrannosaurus featured a new incarnation of the T-Rex utilizing brand new parts, as well as the same head and arm pieces from the previous T-Rex minifigure, as well as Part 6027 as it's tongue. The figure also came with a fin piece which could be connected to it's back to make it resemble a Spinosaurus. The new T-Rex was much bigger than it's predecessor and was colored sand blue instead of green.

In 2001 the same T-Rex figure would be utilized again in the Jurassic Park 3 set 1371 Spinosaurus Attack, but as a Spinosaurus, with a fin attached to it's back. The figure was colored dark grey instead of sand blue.

Version 3, Dino Attack

With the released of the Dino Attack / Dino 2010 theme in 2005, came yet another brand new version of the T-rex. The new figure was made of all new parts and came only in two different versions: one, black with a green underbelly, and one black with a red underbelly.


The Dino Attack T-Rex.

T-rex Story in Dino Attack: T-Rex is the King of the Mutant Dinosaurs, having several abilities. These include laser vision, plasma breathing, mouth radiation/heat, and the ability to bite through steel. As if not that was not formidable enough, the T-Rex also is extremely strong; a single sweep of its tail can knock a building over.

The Dino Attack T-rex was released in 2005 in the T-1 Typhoon and Iron Predator sets. The "green" T-rex was released in the Iron Predator set and is thought to be female. The "red" Tyrannosaurus was released in the T-1 Typhoon set, along with a Pteranodon and is thought to be male.

Version 4, Dino


The Dino T-Rex

In 2012, a new version of the T-Rex is released in the theme known as Dino. It appeared in the sets 5886 T-Rex Hunter, and 5887 Dino Defense HQ. Like in Dino Attack, there are 2 differently colored versions of the T-Rex in this theme. One is red with dark brown stripes, and the other green with dark brown stripes. Only the one with red stripes appeared in Dino Outbreak, and that one is also featured on the title image for the game.

Version 5, "Jurassic World"

In 2015, a T-Rex based was recreated for the Jurassic World LEGO in 2015. It has more varied and realistic markings than previous T-Rex figures, as it was based on a cinematic T-Rex. It also looks like the red T-rex from Dino, since the animals in that theme are also based on real dinosaurs.

The Tyrannosaurus is one of the playable dinosaurs in LEGO Jurassic World. As the game is based on all four films, the Tyrannosaurus rex appears at several points in the game. Because the humorous nature of the game, the Tyrannosaurs as most of the Dinosaurs in the game are depicted with human-like intelligence, doing things like eating hamburgers wearing a bib and drinking coffee. Also though the Tyrannosaurs in the game still eat people, they usually end up spitting them out alive later on such as Rexy spiting out Donald Gennaro after defeating The Big One. Another example is the captured Tyrannosaur Buck spitting out Robert Burke and the other InGen Hunters. Also the Infant T. rex does not eat Peter Ludlow, instead Ludlow is taken back to Isla Sorna where he becomes part of the infant's mobile. When Rexy ate Donald Gennaro, she opened her mouth again, and he was using the toilet cleaner to supposedly "clean" Rexy's teeth.

Both the Infant T. rex and adult T. rex are playable, unlocked once the Tyrannosaurus' Amber Brick is obtained in the Control Room level, by breaking the LEGO glass on a Vending Machine found in the level with Lex Murphy's Scream ability. Once the Amber Brick is obtained the Infant and Adult Tyrannosaurus are unlocked for Free Play. However only the Infant can be selected from the character selection menu, while the Adult can only be summoned via Dino Spawners capable of spawning large dinosaurs, such as the one in the Tyrannosaur Paddock and other large open areas. Rexy can also be released into the Tyrannosaur Enclosure located in Jurassic World via shooting an electric switch using an Electric rifle. The playable Adult Tyrannosaur has two abilities, Roar and Dino Strength. Its Roar ability allows it to break Amber LEGO objects and destructible objects by roaring. Dino Strength allows it to break special Dino strength objects. The Infant T. rex however has no special abilities.

During certain points in the story, Tyrannosaurs can be controlled to fight enemy dinosaurs such as The Big One, Spinosaurus, and Indominus rex which act as boss battles. Also an adult Tyrannosaurus Skeleton can be unlocked as a playable character via collecting all 10 Minikits in Jurassic Park's Visitor Centerchapter (Kitchen EscapeControl Room, and Main Hall). This will also unlock the Tyrannosaur hologram in Jurassic World's Innovation Center. The playable T. rex Skeleton uses the same animation, vocal effects, and abilities as the standard T. rex.

Like all the Dinosaurs in the game, the player can customize their own Tyrannosaurus. Through customization the Tyrannosaurus head option can be added to other dinosaurs to grant them the ability to roar like a Tyrannosaurus.

Other appearances

Jurassic Park franchise

In the Jurassic Park franchise, the Tyrannosaurus is one of the carnivorous dinosaurs present.

The LEGO Batman Movie

In The LEGO Batman Movie, a Tyrannosaurus is among the inmates of the Phantom Zone.

Colors and ID Numbers


Version 1:
Adult T-rex

  • Red (ID #31050px1) (1997)
  • Green (ID #31050px2) (2002)

Baby T-rex:

  • Red (ID #31047px1) (1997)
  • Blue (1999)

Version 2:

  • Dark red (2008)
  • Green (2008)


Version 1:

  • Green (2000)

Version 2:

  • Sand blue (2001)
  • Dark stone (Dark grey) (2001)

Version 3:

  • Black with green underbelly (2005)
  • Black with red underbelly (2005)



DUPLO Version One Adult

DUPLO Version One Baby

DUPLO Version Two Adult:

DUPLO Version Three Adult:


System Version One Adult:

System Version One Baby:

System Version Two Adult:

System Version Three Adult:

System Version Four Adult:


  • T-Rex have also appeared as stickers and as an item in My LEGO Network.
  • There have also been baby T-rex figures released.
  • According to the "Did you Know?" page for Tribal Hunter, the Tyrannosaurus is very ticklish.

Gallery of Variants

6720 Tyrannosaurus Rex
$ 57-4
OriginalDinosaurs VariantDino Attack Variant
Dino Attack Variant
Dino Variant
Dino Variant
Jurassic World Variant



Dino Attack



Jurassic World

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