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  • they keep saying the first spinjitzu master created ninjago with the golden weapons, but if he did then how did he make the golden weapons? if he got the gold from the temple of light and forged the weapons at the golden peaks, then how did he create the very things that made those places? its like trying to make something out of nothing.

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    • Ninjago canon has never been the most informative, consistent, or clear. Personally I would say that by create, they meant organize; basically, the First Spinjitzu Master arrived in a realm that he infused with his power and reshaped into Ninjago.

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    • you guys forgot the NEW explanation, the whole truth! onis and the dragons was the start of EVERYTHING.

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    • the Oni and dragons had nothing to do with creating Ninjago. The First Spinjitzu Master created it after leaving the First Realm behind.

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