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  • We all know that Brick Headz are also having some LEGO sets that will be released next year which is 2018 but there might be a possibility that these might be the wave of sets that we are going to have as it was shown in the following:

    21 - Flash / Barry Allen (Justice League Movie)
    22 - Wonder Woman / Diana (Justice League Movie)
    23 - Aquaman / Arthur Curry (Justice League Movie)
    24 - Cyborg / Victor Stone (Justice League Movie)
    25 - Rey (The Last Jedi Movie)
    26 - Kylo Ren / Ben Solo (The Last Jedi Movie)
    35 - Hawkeye / Clint Barton (Infinity War Movie)
    36 - Falcon / Sam Wilson (Infinity War Movie)
    37 - Star-Lord / Peter Quill (Infinity War Movie)
    38 - Gamora (Infinity War Movie)
    39 - Finn / FN-2187 With Stormtrooper Armor (The Force Awakens Movie)
    40 - Captain Phasma (The Force Awakens Movie)

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