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  • Recently I found out you could access the data for LSW1 on PC. So I picked up a copy from a local second-hand store and entered the code. I found a folder named "Stuff" which contained a lot of .txt files with names of languages (English, French, Spanish, etc.). So I entered the file named "english". Inside were lots of numbers going down the page, with a new number on each line. Next to the numbers were names of characters. I scrolled down and found names of lots more things (levels, extras, etc.). Eventually I found "Dexter's Diner", which, as you should know, is the main hub of the game. However what I found underneath it was more interesting. Two lines below was the text "Trade Federation Landing Ship" and underneath that was "Mos Espa Cantina". This got me thinking. Was there originally planned to be multiple hubs for the game? Or was it just some testing text? We may never know.

    Sorry for the big wall of text.

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    • Well, about the Mos Espa Cantina, it was intended to be in the game but was deleted late in the development process.


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