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  • Greetings all,

    I'm Ax. I've poked around the wiki before, but this is my first time editing it so, well. hi there.

    Now, a question-This[[1]] is the Hot Wheels Fig Rig. It is designed to incorporate LEGO into the vehicle-it has two 1x2 stud plates (built into the exposed engine and the bed) and 3 grip points (the spoiler and either side of the cabin). It also handles regular brick integration. Should I create a page for it, seeing as it can be considered a LEGO object, or leave it?

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    • No, we don't make a page for it. If we did, we should do that for Mega Bloks and Kreo-O sets as well. This site concerns only the sets, books, games, etc. That are either created or endorsed by The LEGO company.

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    • Per ErkelonJay.

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    • Ok, just checking

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