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The TECHNIC Garage
Park: LEGOLAND Windsor
Area: LEGO City (Windsor)
Opened: 1996
Closed: 2001
Related attractions: LEGO Creation Centre

The TECHNIC Garage was an attraction in the LEGO City (Windsor) area of LEGOLAND Windsor until the end of the 2001 season.


The Lego Technic Garage was a popular attraction with many of the young children who visited LEGOLAND Windsor. It was mainly used to teach the guests the mechanics of vehicles such as the Lego motorbike which could be seen until the LEGO Creation Centre was knocked down in 2001 to build the Star Wars Miniland in The Beginning.

The attraction was very interactive - as many Legoland Windsor attractions are - and it involved a range of exhibits which taught the guests several functions of motor vehicles. An example of this would be how a car gearbox works.

This closed at the end of the 2001 season, and was changed into a little outlet, now called The Ice Factory.

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