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Taskmaster is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure that appeared in 2014. He is exclusive to 1 set, 76018 Hulk Lab Smash.


Taskmaster has a white hood and a white head printed with sunken skeleton face with yellow eyes and a dual expression: neutral and angry. He has a white cape and a dark blue torso with white hands. The torso is printed with a reddish brown collar with clasps for his cape, a belt across the chest, a reddish brown belt with a T belt buckle, and the suit's cut on his body. His back printing is similar to front. He has white hips and dark blue legs.

He comes with a broadsword and Boromir's shield with a transparent orange stud.


  • He shares the same shield with Boromir, but he has got a orange stud on the shield.
  • Despite being in an Avengers Assemble set, he doesn't appear in the show itself, although Avengers Assemble shares the same universe as Ultimate Spider-Man, where Taskmaster has appeared.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, Taskmaster is voiced by Clancy Brown, who also voices Mr. Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants.


Possessing "photographic reflexes" which enable him to perfectly duplicate any physical action he observes, Taskmaster is an expert in countless forms of combat. He can emulate Hawkeye's archery skills, Spider-Man's agility, and Iron Fist's martial arts abilities. However, Deadpool's unpredictable nature means it is difficult for Taskmaster to predict and copy his moves, which has led to a something of a rivalry between the two.


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