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Talos is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure. He made his physical debut in 2019.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Talos is a Skrull general who had collaborated with renegade Kree scientist Mar-Vell in order to save the remnants of his own people from the Kree. As the war between the two races progressed, Talos managed to extract information about the Light-Speed Engine from Vers and arrived on Planet C-53 to retrieve it as well as his long lost family. On C-53, Talos had confronted Vers and Nick Fury, while disguised as S.H.I.E.L.D.director Keller, however, Talos' deception was soon exposed. Eventually, Talos helped Vers to realize that the Kree had been manipulating her as she had finally agreed to aid him, fighting the Starforce to find a new home for the surviving Skrulls.


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