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Video pages?

Now that all the Mixels up to Series 2 have been released, I was thinking of assembling pages of all the cartoons that have aired so far. There is a link to all of them in one place on the CN website, but for the sake of convenience, I think we should just embed the YouTube equivalents from CN's YouTube channel.

Videos (in reverse chronological order):

-Wrong Colors -Changing a Lightbulb -Rockball -Another Nixel -Mailman -Murp -Nixels -Electrorock -Coconapple -Cookironi -Hot Lava Shower

NOTE: Some videos are not released on YouTube yet. --Wizmalk (talk) 00:15, May 17, 2014 (UTC)

series 4 easy to build when you look on all pictrue

i have series 3 bags photos