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Uncle or Cousin?

I just want to say, Bilbo is Frodo's uncle. Wikipedia is unreliable, so we shouldn't use that as a source on THIS topic. The Lord of the Rings wiki is more reliable, it knows more Lord of the Rings stuff. Just look at Frodo's page on it.--Knight

  • But the Book is the most reliable source itself. Unsigned comment by ErkelonJay (talk • contribs).
    • I've read the books, and it says Bilbo is his uncle.--Knight
      • Let's just get Irnakk on this to see what the 1# Lord of the Rings fan says.--Knight
        • Bilbo is Frodo's cousin, but they have an uncle-nephew relationship. I'm obsessed with LOTR, and therefore know this is a fact. Peregrin Took (talk)
        • Pippin speaks the truth. It's his cousin. I'm guessing you watched the movies too much and the books you read too few. :P ---Irnakk
          • Ah, but is it not true the sets are based of of the movies?--Knight

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