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Space Police
Release years:

1989, 1991

Main theme:


Colour scheme:
Concurrent faction(s):

Futuron, Blacktron, M-Tron, Blacktron Future Generation

Space Police was a subtheme of LEGO Space in the year 1989.


In 1989, LEGO made a storyline decision. Blacktron, previously operating in a moral void, were now declared the "bad guys" of Space; opposing them and defending the civilian Futuron from them were the Space Police, a group of brave individuals whose spacecraft were black and blue with red transparent brick elements. (This would be a continuing theme of space, having "bad guy" space races, "good guy" space races, with "civilian" space races between them.) Space Police re-introduced the idea of modular systems, on a smaller but also grander scale.

1991 M-Tron SPI Blacktron

A German catalogue for Space police, M-Tron and Blacktron.

The Space Police theme features three spaceships, two wheeled vehicles and a ground-based space station; all but the smallest buggy comes with a Space Police jail cell (which was often supplied with a Blacktron occupant). These jail cells were identical from set to set, and had the ability to be traded around between vehicles with no hassle whatsoever.

Space Police is often referred to as Space Police I, as Space Police II was released by LEGO in 1992, and Space Police III was released in 2009.


This theme marks the beginning of LEGO Space's greatest period of success, and is one of the most well-loved themes of the collection; complete models of the largest ship, 6986 Mission Commander, have been known to sell for $90, via online vendors.

Popular Space Police vehicles include Spy-Trak I and Mission Commander (both 1989). The base was Space Lock-Up Isolation Base (1989).


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
6704-1 6704  Space Mini Figures  44  Blacktron AstronautBlacktron Future Generation Astronaut (2), Space Police I OfficerM-Tron Jetpack AstronautM-Tron Astronaut     1991 
6781 Box 6781  SP-Striker  230  Blacktron AstronautSpace Police I Officer   $28.00  1989 
6831 Box 6831  Message Decoder  32  Space Police I Officer   $4.00  1989 
6886 Box 6886  Galactic Peace Keeper  115  Space Police I OfficerBlacktron Astronaut   $12.00  1989 
6895 Box 6895  Spy-Trak I  143  Space Police I OfficerBlacktron Astronaut   $15.00  1989 
6955 Box 6955  Space Lock-Up Isolation Base  247  Space Police I Officer (2), Blacktron Astronaut   $26.00  1989 
6986 Box 6986  Mission Commander  478  Space Police I Officer (2), Blacktron Astronaut   $49.99  1989 



Space Police I Ad

Space Police I Ad

A Space Police commercial from 1989

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