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Outback is a subtheme of Town and included sets that were centered around the Australian Outback. It was a small theme that only existed in 1997.


There are three categories of sets within the Outback theme. The first, general outback, contains 6444 Outback Airstrip, 6490 Amazon Crossing, and 6550 Outback Racer. These sets contain yellow vehicles with citizens in the outback. There is one building, in 6444, which also contains the only plane in the theme. Another category within the theme is rescue, of which the only set is 6487 Mountain Rescue. It is a red and black helicopter with a winch to carry supplies and people plus some oil barrels and other supplies. Lastly, there is news - one of the few news sets made - 6553 Crisis News Crew, which contains blue and white vehicles - a news chopper and a TV van.


All sets were released in 1997.

Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
6444 6444  Outback Airstrip  167  3     1997 
6487-1 6487  Mountain Rescue  70  1   $6.00  1997 
6490-1 6490  Amazon Crossing  177  1   $15.00  1997 
Outback2 6550  Outback Racer  48  1   $4.00  1997 
6553 Box 6553  Crisis News Crew  133  3     1997 


The minifigures introduced in this theme:

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