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LEGO Minitalia was a theme available only in Italy during the 1970s. It ran from 1970 to 1976. It was long believed that the theme was also produced in Italy in order to comply with Italian importing laws, but it was recently discovered that such laws never really existed and Minitalia sets were sold in Italy alongside regular sets. Minitalia parts were different to regular LEGO parts in several ways. The plastic used was not the standard Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic and the resulting bricks were not as bright in colour as LEGO ABS parts. There was no LEGO logo moulded on the top of studs as most bricks featured hollow studs similar to TECHNIC bricks. The hollow tubing used on the underside of regular LEGO bricks was changed to an X-shaped system. These differences only applied to the basic elements. In total, there were 21 Minitalia sets produced.


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
1-Little House Set Box Little House Set         1970 
1-Small Basic LEGO Set Small Basic LEGO Set         1976 
11-Small Pre-School Basic Set 11  Small Pre-School Basic Set  31       1973 
12-Medium Pre-School Basic Set 12  Medium Pre-School Basic Set  51       1973 
13-Large Pre-School Basic Set 13  Large Pre-School Basic Set         1973 
14-Small House Set 14  Small House Set         1973 
15-Large House Set 15  Large House Set  157       1973 
16-City Square Set 16  City Square Set         1973 
17-Airport Set 17  Airport Set         1973 
2-Medium Basic LEGO Set Medium Basic LEGO Set  128       1976 
2-Medium House Set Medium House Set         1970 
21-Truck Box 21  Truck  33       1971 
22-Car 22  Car  47       1971 
23-Delivery Truck Set Box 23  Delivery Truck Set  64       1971 
24-Minitalia Train 24  Minitalia Train  77       1971 
3-Medium House Set Medium House Set  154       1970 
30 Boat 30  Small Ship Set  26       1973 
31 Boat 31  Medium Ship Set  39       1973 
32-Large Ship Set 32  Large Ship Set         1973 
4 Large House Set Large House Set  218       1970 
5-Large House Set Large House Set  307       1971 

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