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Life on Mars is a LEGO Space theme released in 2001, and discontinued a year later in 2002.


Life on Mars is, so far, the only Space theme depicting peaceful coexistence between humans and aliens. The astronauts were peaceful explorers to Mars, with a small assortment of vehicles featuring little-to-no weaponry. The native Martians possessed a wider variety of vehicles, some heavily armed, though none were used aggressively against the explorers. Released at a time when NASA was beginning to explore Mars in earnest, Life on Mars is unusual among Space sub-themes for this focus on discovery over combat.

Human vehicles followed a color scheme of grey, white, and blue, while the Martians utilized the new "sand" colors - red, green, blue, and purple. Life on Mars sets were, overall, not as colourfully bold as sets from other, earlier, Space themes. Transparent brown (or trans-black/"smoke," as it is popularly known) made its debut as a primary window and canopy colors for Space with this theme. Many of the colors introduced in the theme have yet to be used extensively/at all in other themes, and are now considered vary rare, or even retired in the cases of sand red and sand purple.

Life on Mars also introduced organic-style printed parts. Print patterns on parts such as tiles, slopes, and dishes had a characteristic non-mechanical design, atypical of LEGO Space. Life on Mars would be the last Space theme for several years, with the concept not resurfacing until Mars Mission was released in 2007.

The theme is, in a way, a continuation of the story of Space Port, where a child named BB won a competition to be one of the first astronauts to travel to Mars.

However, at the end of LEGO Soccer Mania, the video game players travel to Mars and go against a Martian team. As well as Reigel becoming a player of the skill zone characters, possibly this game continues the storyline of Life on Mars.

In the January-February 2001 issue of LEGO Mania Magazine, the mission was described as such: "Explore Mars and find a place where space settlers can live. But be careful, mysterious life forms have been picked up on the scanner. These life forms fly ships that turn into powerful mech suits. They search for biodium meteorites, a secret source of energy. They use their advanced technology to protect their planet. Good luck on your encounter."


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
Life On Mars 1195  Life on Mars Polybag  41  2   $6.99  2001 
1413 1413  Rover  32  Assistant     2001 
1414 1414  Double Hover  21  Martian     2001 
1415 1415  Jet Scooter  24  1 Martian     2001 
1416 1416  Worker Robot  30  Martian     2001 
3750 Life on Mars Accessories 3750  Life on Mars Accessories  44     $5.00  2001 
4133637 4133637  Life On Mars Mini-Poster       2001 
Double Hover 7300  Double Hover  21  Unknown Martian   $2.99  2001 
7301-Rover 7301  Rover  28  Assistant   $2.99  2001 
7302 Box 7302  Worker Robot  30  1   $3.00  2001 
7303 Box 7303  Jet Scooter  24  Martian     2001 
7308 Box 7308  Double Hover  21  Martian     2001 
7309-1 7309  Rover  28  Assistant     2001 
7310 Box 7310  Mono Jet  28  1   $4.00  2001 
7311 Box 7311  Red Planet Cruiser  73  Altair   $6.99  2001 
7312 Box 7312  T3-Trike  99  1   $10.00  2001 
7313-1 7313  Red Planet Protector  194  Centauri   $20.00  2001 
7314 Box 7314  Recon-Mech RP  194  Antares   $20.00  2001 
7315 Box 7315  Solar Explorer  242  3   $35.00  2001 
Martainmooncaper 7316  Excavation Searcher  471  CanopusPolluxVega   $50.00  2001 
7317 Box 7317  Aero Tube Hangar  706  Arcturus, Cassiopeia, Mizar, Rigel, Vega   $90.00  2001 
Guard 7320  Vega  Vega     2001 
Guard 7321  Mizar  Mizar     2001 
Guard 7322  Altair  Altair     2000 
Guard 7323  Guard  Centauri     2001 
78777 Alien Discovery 78777  Alien Discovery  122  AssistantAltairUnknown Martian   $8.00  2001 
No image K7317  Life on Mars Set Collection  1336       2001 
Kabmars-1 Life  on Mars 4-Pack  84  4     2001 
Pin010 Life  on Mars Canopus Pin       2001 




BBDocMacAssistant (Variant 1)Assistant (Variant 2)


  • All the Martians in this series are named after stars. Vega, for example, is a star in the constellation of Lyra, also known as 'The Harp'. Other examples include Canopus and Rigel.
  • LEGO Racers 2 had five race courses drawn from Life on Mars, and several of the sets could be seen, such as the Solar Explorer and numerous Martian mechs.
  • The aliens also had a team in the video game Soccer Mania.
  • Some sets came with mini posters that fit together to form a picture of Mars, which pictured the aliens and astronauts. It also had all their names written on them, and some of them were seen written in a martian language.
  • This the first and only theme that has both Humans and Aliens at peace together.

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