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Insectoids was a theme consisting of aliens known as Zotaxians and their Droids. The Zotaxians owned vehicles called Insectoids that were insect-like in appearance. The theme lasted from 1998 to 1999.

It was also the last subtheme of Space that consisted of a single faction.


The Zotaxians fled their home planet of Zotax after a war with their "cruel leader" (it is not explained who this cruel leader is). They crash landed on the massive planet Holox, but the planet was too hostile on the surface for survival. They then tunneled underground, where they found an "inner world" full of wildlife and many areas, with an "inner sun". However, this inner world was home to large insects called "Bilgen Bugs", along with many other oversized creatures. To get past the Bilgen Bugs, the Zotaxians modified their vehicles to look like mechanical versions of the bugs (These were called Insectoids), and planted energy orbs, known as Voltstones, to harvest the energy of the inner sun. The Voltstones looked like the eggs of the Bilgen Bugs, but transparent neon-green in colour rather then dark green. They acted as batteries, capturing and storing the inner sun's energy over time, and were then picked back up by the Insectoid vehicles and taken to the surface. The bugs caught on to their trick, however, and attacked.

The theme's minifigures, the Zotaxians were primarily cybernetic, making them the second space theme to have cybernetic implants, and the third LEGO Space theme to have a female minifigure: Gypsy Moth, the queen of the Zotaxians. She was featured as the host of the 6th circuit in LEGO Racers.

Insectoids introduced many new parts, many of them insect shaped. They also introduced some parts in darker colours, using Trans Green in place of the Trans Neon Green, a colour which was more prevalent in Space. Their ships were insectlike, often having wings or insect-style "eyes". The names of these ships are also insectlike (except for the Arachnoid Star Base, because arachnids are not insects). They made use of a Light and Sound piece unique to the theme, which had three buttons for three different sounds, along with a light-up section which would light up when the buttons were pressed.
Arachnoid Starbase (33)

Voltstones from different angles, with stickers and without them.

Popular Insectoids vehicles include Bi-Wing Blaster and Celestial Stinger (both 1998). The base was the mobile and bizarre Arachnoid Star Base (1998).

Many vehicles had magnets to pick up the Voltstones (whose stickers were magnetic).


Professor WebbProfessor Webb (Air Tanks)Danny LonglegsDanny Longlegs (Air Tanks)Danny Longlegs (Grey Armor)Danny Longlegs (No Armor)Techno LeonCaptain WizerCaptain Wizer (Air Tanks)Gypsy MothNavigator Sharp (Air Tanks)Lieutenant MaverickGigabot


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
2490 2490  Insectoids Value Pack  167  3     1998 
2964 Box 2964  Space Spider  46  1   $6.00  1998 
2965 Box 2965  Hornet Scout  73  Gypsy MothGigabot   $8.00  1998 
3070 Box 3070  Mosquito  21  Insectoid     1999 
3071 Box 3071  Light Flyer  19  Insectoid Droid     1999 
3072-1 3072  Mega Tax  23  Insectoid     1999 
3073 Box 3073  Booster  21  1     1999 
6817 Box 6817  Beta Buzzer  32  1   $4.00  1998 
6837 Box 6837  Cosmic Creeper  55  Danny Longlegs   $7.99  1998 
6903 Box 6903  Bug Blaster  24  Zotaxian   $3.00  1998 
6905 Box 6905  Bi-Wing Blaster  114  ZotaxianGigabot   $15.00  1998 
6907 Boz 6907  Sonic Stinger  96  Gypsy Moth   $19.99  1998 
6909 Box 6909  Sonic Stinger  97  Gypsy Moth   $19.99  1998 
6919 Box 6919  Planetary Prowler  250  ZotaxianGigabot   $34.99  1998 
6942 Space Sled 6942  Space Sled  21  Danny Longlegs     1999 
6943 Package 6943  Speed Sled  21  Danny Longlegs     1999 
6969 Box 6969  Celestial Stinger  258  Zotaxian, Gigabot (2)   $50.00  1998 
6977 Box 6977  Arachnoid Star Base  433  Danny LonglegsGigabot (Two)Zotaxian   $79.99  1998 
Kabinsect-1 Insectoids  4-Pack  65  4     1999 



LEGO SYSTEM Insectoids 1998

LEGO SYSTEM Insectoids 1998

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