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Hugo Strange
Hugo Strange

Batman, DC Universe


2008, 2017-2018


Hugo Strange is a DC Comics minifigure introduced in LEGO Batman: The Videogame in 2008. He was physically released in 2018 as one of The Lego Batman Movie Wave 2's minifigures.


Hugo Strange is a deranged scientist and an adversary of Batman, frequently performing a variety of disastrous experiments that turn others insane or into monsters. Due to his reputation as a psychiatrist, he was easily able to deduce Batman's secret identity much earlier than his fellow rogues, and can manipulate ordinary people into doing his bidding by using mental techniques.

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  • Hugo Strange is voiced by Corey Burton in LEGO DC Super-Villains, who also voiced the character in the 2011 game Batman: Arkham City. His minifigure from The Lego Batman Movie even seems to be mostly based on his appearance in said game.
    • Burton is also known for voicing Count Dooku, as well as other characters portrayed by Christopher Lee.
  • In the TV series Gotham, Hugo Strange is portrayed by B.D. Wong, who also portrays Henry Wu in the Jurassic World films; both are responsible for creating "monsters" of varying definition (Strange for his human/monster hybrids and Wu for his dinosaur hybrids), and both are recognized doctors with moral ambiguity. BD Wong also voices Li Shang in Mulan.


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