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Hilary (Harry) Fisher Page
Hillary Page1939
Gender: Male
Nationality: English

Hilary (Harry) Fisher Page was born on 20 Aug 1904 in Sanderstead, Surrey, England. He was the first child of Samuel Fisher and Lillian Maude Page, yet in 1957 he committed suicide.

During the years 1932 to 1957 he changed the face of the British toy industry and created some of the classic pre-school toys played with by children today. Perhaps his greatest claim to fame however, is the patent for the ‘Interlocking Building Brick’ later to be adopted and modified to become the famous LEGO brick. In 1932 he founded Kiddicraft in Purley, Surrey with £100. Kiddicraft initially made wooden toys, but through his frustration with the qualities of painted wood, Page started to experiment with plastics. In 1937 he made the first plastic Kiddicraft ‘Sensible’ Toys initially under the "BRI-PLAX" name.


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