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Gypsy Moth is a Minifigure of the Insectoids theme, most notable for her appearance in LEGO Racers.


Gypsy Moth is the Queen of the Zotaxians. She has a blue skin colour, has black hair, and wears an trans light green insectoids helmet, later more often worn by Alpha Team's villains, Skeleton Drones. She is one of the few female space minifigures.

Gypsy Moth-LR1

Gypsy Moth in LEGO Racers

Video Games

In LEGO Racers, Gypsy Moth is the second most difficult Racer to beat (After Rocket Racer), (excluding Veronica Voltage, whose difficulty varies). It can be argued that she is in fact the toughest to beat, because while Rocket Racer's circuit has only one track, Gypsy Moth's circuit has four, each of them very difficult. The order of the circuits when racing Gypsy Moth is UFO, Jungle (Adventurers), Pirates, Fright Knights. Gypsy Moth's race car is made up of parts from UFO and Insectoids.

Before the first race of the circuit, a UFO flies overhead and beams Gypsy Moth down, who scoffs at the player's intentions to beat her. She does best on the UFO course, although she usually is first on the other courses. Second to her is Willa the Witch on many of the courses. After achieving second place in her circuit, the player unlocks the Rocket Run circuit, and if placed first, the player unlocks her car set.

LEGO Racers - Gypsy Moth's Opening

LEGO Racers - Gypsy Moth's Opening

Gypsy Moth's opening in LEGO Racers (Very bad quality)

However, the player can give themselves an advantage at the start of the circuit, see Notes below.

In the game, Gypsy Moth does not wear her trans-neon green insectoids helmet.


In LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 9, Gypsy Moth appears under the name "Navigator Sharp". She is described as "an excellent shot and flies the Sonic Stinger".


  • Gypsy Moth is the boss of the 6th circuit in LEGO Racers.
  • There is also a glitch in the first race of Gypsy Moths circuit: First you drive under the spaceship that is suppose to drag you back a little. Just when the spaceship starts to drag you back, pause the game and select "restart circuit", when you do, the circuit will begin but your racer will appear to jump out of its spot on to Gypsy Moth. This will make her disappear. She will be gone for the majority of the race, until time begins to drag and she eventually begins a timed race. If the player doesn't build up a tremendous lead to win, the results at the end of the race will show that she came in last place. (Note: This can only be done on this track.)