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This article is about the shark. For the set, see 8058 Guardian of the Deep.

The Guardian of the Deep is a giant black shark with golden Atlantean symbols on its nose and back. It is one of a few Guardian Beasts from the Atlantis theme. It guards the red Shark Key. The Giant Shark appeared in the LEGO Atlantis: The Movie. In the movie, the Salvage Crew encountered the Shark, and defeated it by tricking it into swallowing a decoy, which was an airtank with a helmet. The shark was about to eat Captain Ace Speedman, but before he could, the shark burped, and blew up with air, because of the decoy. The shark then started to float away and squeak. The Shark also appeared in an LEGO Atlantis comic, where he was defeated by Bobby Buoy.


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