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Friends Valentine Cards are a sheet of five Valentine's Day cards to be given out on Valentine's Day. They were released in 2012.


The set consists of a sheet of six valentine cards. Each one of the first five has a picture of one of the five main characters of Friends. The first card is purple, has a picture of Stephanie, a cupcake, and the caption "You're the Sweetest!". The second card is light blue, features Mia, a picture of a rabbit, and the caption "Have a paw-some Valentine's Day". The third card is orange, features Andrea, and images of two musical notes. The caption is "YOU ROCK!". The fourth card is light pink, features, Olivia, the Pet Robot, and the caption "U+1-:)". The fifth card includes Emma, a white LEGO brick, and the caption "I couldn't build a better friend". The final card features the Friends logo, a picture of all five friends, and the caption "Thanks for coming to the Friends launch n' build event".