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Can we please have a proper discussion about {{CharacterBackground}}, as this issue needs more than a quick section in the AfD. Template:CharacterBackground

We seriously want that on every minifigure page? What do you expect a 'background' section to be about? The background section is clearly about the character the minifigure represents, minifigures are only representations.

As far as I can see, it will only lead to more pointless edits, that actually do nothing to improve the wiki.

Also, can someone explain 'actual real-world minifigure's background' to me? The minifigure only has one background, and that is the background of it's character. You wouldn't put a template in the appearances section saying 'This section is about the appearances of the actual real-world minifigure, not the appearances of the actor in any LEGO sets' would you?

(I don't have too much time now, when I'm in a less ranty mode tommorrow I'll give some other reasons.) - nxt