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Emergency Medical Services is not an official theme in its own right, but one of the recurring organizations that are featured in LEGO Town and City, as well as several other related themes and subthemes.


The first LEGO System set that featured an ambulance was released in 1978. Although 606 Ambulance included a minifigure, it could not enter the vehicle since it was built in a different scale. The first building was released in 1980. 6364 Paramedic Unit contained a doctor's office and a car. 1981 brought two new ambulances and two helicopters.

The next new sets were not released until 1987, when the new subtheme Emergency was introduced. It comprised only two sets. One of them being the first-ever LEGO System hospital. A rescue plane was released in 1988. Strangely, an ambulance set introduced in 1987 was not a part of Emergency but of Town. Until now, all these vehicles and facilities were labeled with the Red Cross. 6482 Rescue Helicopter was released in 1989, but didn't feature any logos.

The only set released in the 1990s was an ambulance in 1994 which was the first set labeled with the blue Star of Life logo with the Rod of Asclepius in its centre which from now on all EMS sets would feature. The next new set was not released until 2005.

Beginning in 2005 EMS sets were released as part of the City theme. Among the new sets were a new hospital, an ambulance, a rescue helicopter and a plane.

Buildings and vehicles

Until now, there have only been three actual buildings related to EMS. The first one was a doctor's office from 1980. Supplemented by a hospital in 1987. The next and also the last building for the time being, another hospital, did not appear until 2006.

All other sets featured vehicles. Mostly ambulances (four in total) and cars, but there were also three helicopters (6626 Rescue Helicopter (1981), 6691 Red Cross Helicopter (1981), 7903 Rescue Helicopter (2006)) and two rescue planes (6356 Med-Star Rescue Plane (1988), 2064 Rescue Plane (2007)).


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