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Discovery was a licensed theme introduced and discontinued in 2003. It focused on real life spaceflight as opposed to science fiction, and included several more or less accurate reproductions of real spacecraft in various scales. All sets of this theme except 10029 Lunar Lander did not include any minifigures.


All Sets were released in 2003 and were available until 2006.

Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
10029 Box 10029  Lunar Lander  467  2 Apollo Astronauts   $40.00  2003 
7467 7467  International Space Station  162     $15.00  2003 
7468 Box 7468  Saturn V Moon Mission  178     $19.99  2003 
7469 Box 7469  Mission to Mars  417     $30.00  2003 
Space shuttle 7470  Space Shuttle Discovery  826     $50.00  2003 
7471 Mars Exploration Rover 7471  Mars Exploration Rover  858       2003 


  • The box art of the sets showed the Discovery Kids channel logo. Most of the spacecraft sported the NASA logo.

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