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Dilophosaurus (dye-LO-fuh-SAWR-us) is a Jurassic World dinosaur that was released in 2015.


This meat-eating dinosaur first walked the Earth during the Jurassic Period, about 193 million years ago. The two rounded, bony crests on top of its head provide a bright display to other dinosaurs in the wild. Jurassic World visitors beware – if a Dilophosaurus extends its neck frill, then it may be about to spit its gooey venom at you!

Dilophosaurus appears in the video game LEGO Jurassic World. It is one of the 20 playable dinosaurs in the game and is among the first carnivorous dinosaurs that can be unlocked for Free Play, as its Amber Brick is the earliest one that can be obtained in the Jurassic Park section that contains the DNA of a carnivorous Dinosaur. Its special ability is being able to spit its iconic venom, making them only dinosaur in the game that can naturally use ranged attacks, though dinosaurs can be customized with a Dilophosaurus head to grant them this ability. [18] Their acidic spit can also be used to destroy Black colored Lego bricks. Due to their size, the Dilophosaurus can be accessed through the character selection in Free Play once their Amber Brick is obtained, as well as via Dino Spawners. The species Amber Brick can be obtained during the Jurassic Park T. Rex Chase level and its skeleton can be unlocked by collecting all 10 Minikits in the Park Shutdown chapter (T. Rex EnclosureRescue Timmy, and T. Rex Chase). Dilophosaurus also appear as regular enemies, with some of them being smaller than the playable ones. Several Dilophosaurus can also be encountered in the Dilophosaur Paddock and will only attack if attack be the player. A park employee inside of their pin will mention getting spit on by them and humorously reveals that it was sticky and his feet got stuck together and had to jump around the entire day. Another employee will mention that he doesn't want to get spit on, as the laundry on the island is expensive. These comments indicate that in the universe of LEGO Jurassic World their spit is not poisonous, though it is acidic enough to break down Black LEGO objects. Like the film, the Dilophosaurus spits at Dennis Nedry and follows him into the car though it doesn't eat him as Nedry manages to stuff one of his chicken legs in the Dilophosaur's mouth and flees from the vehicle, though he leaves the Barbasol can in the vehicle which is knocked out as the Dilophosaurus struggles with the chicken leg in its mouth. Later on, when Lex Murphy is rebooting the park's systems, Nedry can be seen trying to avoid the Dilophosaur that is searching for him. Interestingly, in Free Mode, the Dilophosaurus Acid Spit is required to remove a Black Lego rock covering dirt where the Barbasol can is buried allowing it to be dug up and reassembled to receive a Gold Brick. In the same area, a photo of Nedry and the Dilophosaur can be taken to receive a Gold Brick as well.


  • The Dilophosaurus lived during the early Jurassic Period, before mosquitoes are currently confirmed by the fossil record to exist. If Jurassic Park was able to find any viable DNA specimens, there would have been very little to go on. This would mean that there would be more gaps than normal in the DNA sequence, subsequently filled by more frog DNA. This could explain why the Dilophosaurus are so different from their prehistoric counterparts, far more so than other dinosaurs.
  • Dilophosaurus is the only dinosaur included in the sets that does not make a physical appearance in the movie. It does however, have a short cameo as a hologram.


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