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== Appearances ==
== Appearances ==
* [[75917 Raptor Rampage]]
* [[75917 Raptor Rampage]]
* [[LEGO Jurassic World]]
=== Video Game Appearances ===
* [[LEGO Jurassic World|''LEGO Jurassic World'']]
== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

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Delta with headgear

Jurassic World



Delta is second in command of the raptor pack in Jurassic World who was taught by Owen Grady.

Background Edit

The second-eldest member of the raptor pack, Delta shows the signs of InGen’s genetic experimentation and modification in several ways. Along with her unique gecko-like pupils, she has been infused with more avian DNA than her sister raptors have, resulting in her very bird-like movements and behaviors. Being watched by Delta is a lot like being stared at by an eagle about to launch an attack.

Appearances Edit

Video Game Appearances Edit

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