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Dark Forest
Dark Forest


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Dark Forest was a shortlived Castle subtheme and consisted of only three LEGO sets released in 1996. These sets were not featured in European catalogues, but were nevertheless available at some shops in Europe.


Dark Forest can be seen as a reincarnation of the older Forestmen theme which was discontinued in 1990. It reused the same crest that had already been established for Forestmen in 1987 and its sets also involved woodland hideouts built into hollow trees or rocks. Some Dark Forest minifigures also featured green tunics and forestman hats, very similar to that featured in Forestmen. But all in all, the minifigures offered a greater variety by using different torso pieces and also hoods. Dark Forest did not return after 1996, and was discontinued after only three sets were made, tying it with Wolfpack for smallest Castle theme.

Other factions that appeared in Dark Forest sets were the Royal Knights and a mixture of Black Knights and Dragon Masters.

Some minifigures that appeared in the Fright Knights theme from 1997 bear a striking similarity to some from Dark Forest.

The forest which is the official home of the Bulls in the Knights' Kingdom theme is called the Dark Forest in some official sources. However it is unknown if it is the exact same forest from this theme.


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
6024 Box 6024  Bandit Ambush  58  2   $6.50  1996 
6046 Hemlock Stronghold 6046  Hemlock Stronghold  216  5   $24.00  1996 
6079 Box 6079  Dark Forest Fortress  461  6 (+ 1 skeleton)   $50.00  1996 

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