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Rock Raiders 2
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Rock Raiders

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Rock Raiders
Power Miners


Agent Fuse

Rock Raiders 2 is a LEGO subtheme thought up and created by Agent Fuse.


For years, the validity of the existence of Planet U and its amazing creatures was unchallenged. In time, however, minifigures began to doubt that it was really there, and that those creatures really lived. The Rock Raiders, despite their utmost efforts, failed to convince those minifigures that the world and its inhabitants existed. So the LEGO world sank into doubt, and Planet U was forgotten by all but a few. Each of the Rock Raiders, however, taught his or her descendants about the planet, and they told others. Then the son of Sparks, a minifigure with the same name as his father, decided to travel to Planet U and see it for himself, and then take the records home. A new difficulty arose, the problem of video forgery. To be able to prove the skeptic minifigures that the videos were real, Captain Sparks Jr packed old video cameras that could not store imported files. Each video camera had its own special tape that was marked with a special symbol. Captain Sparks Jr gathered a team of minifigures to travel with him in a new spaceship that he named the LMS Verification. Some believed in Planet U's existence; others didn't. The Verification traveled through the asteroid field and the Wormhole and appeared in the faraway galaxy that was home to Planet U. For the first time ever, a LMS spaceship landed on the world of Planet U. The new Rock Raiders exited the Verification and entered the caverns. However, they soon found that the planet had changed vastly since their absence. The once-proud Rock Monsters had been subjugated to the will of an evil creature with a rational mind, called the Rock Dragon. Two others of the Dragons, the Lava and the Ice, had similarly taken over the other tribes of monsters. Captain Sparks Jr and his team were beset by the Rock Dragon's minions, a horde of flying rock beings, and were only just able to fend them off, retreating back to the LMS Verification. Inside the ship, Captain Sparks Jr made a decision not to leave the planet until the menace had been destroyed for good. Now their mission is to defeat the Dragons and free the Rock Monsters.

The Rock Raiders 2


Creatures of Planet U Rock Variety Ice Variety Lava Variety Electric Variety Other Varieties
Monster Rock Monster Ice Monster Lava Monster
Lizard Rock Lizard Ice Lizard Lava Lizard Venom Lizard
Slug Electro Slug Slimy Slug
Bat Lava Bat Electro Bat Bat
Planet U Whales Rockwhale Lavawhale Crackwhale
Scorpion Rock Scorpion (green) Plasma Scorpion (purple)
Spider Small Spider Volcano Spider
Snake Small Snake Large Snake
Dragon Rock Dragon Ice Dragon Lava Dragon Electro Dragon

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