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"You wouldn't Hurt a Girl would you?"
Possessed Raven shouting at John Constantine in front of the Memorial Park.

Raven is a character that appears in Constantine: All Hell Breaks Loose.


Raven is the only Daughter of Trigon and is referred to as Pride herself. She works with all of the Heroes in the Justice League and Titans but she also has a Bad Side to her which in Constantine: All Hell Breaks Loose is her Possessed variation. In the Theme that she is in now she has and is being controlled by her Brothers.

Gallery of Variations

Raven (in game)
Raven (Prideful)
Raven (Possessed)


Hell in the Hospital (Possessed)

Hellish Recovery (Normal)


Video Game Appearances

LEGO Justice League: The Video Game


  • She has Three Variations.

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