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Marvel/DC Supervillains
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DC Universe, Super Heroes, Ultrabuild.

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Klak-a-Klak, King of Nynrah

A custom theme based on my CUUSOO projects. Please support!


We already have a Lego line for Marvel and DC Superheroes. But one thing is lacking. More buildable VILLAIN figures!

Expanding on the previous Superhero line, this will add new villains to the roster of the already expanding Lego Marvel/DC 'constraction' (construction+action) Universe. Most of the villains will be paired with the previously released sets for increased compatibility, but their dynamic character traits will definitely allow those who buy the sets to make them fight other heroes!

In other words, Ultron technically is meant to be paired with Iron Man, Sinestro with Green Lantern, and so on. However, these villains, as well as the upcoming ones, tend to fight plenty of other characters, so the pairings are only a creative suggestion.

There are so many villains to chose from, so the possibilities are endless.

Marvel Ultrabuild Projects

  • Ultron: Ultron is a robot built by Dr. Hank Pym, created for good. However, he became extremely intelligent and strong, and transformed into an evil, powerful, cold, and calculating android. Can the heroes stop Ultron and his energy-ray? You decide! With adamantium armor!
  • Red Skull (Ultrabuild): Captain America's worst enemy and former leader of the evil organization HYDRA has returned from Yggdrasil, and he hasn't aged a day! Now, he has obtained a Tesseract powered technology! Can the heroes stop him from unleashing HYDRA's reign of terror? You decide! Includes Metal Tesseract Ray Gun, Metal Tesseract Boot Spikes, and Metal Tesseract Blaster!
  • Deadpool (Ultrabuild): The Merc With a Mouth has joined up against our superheroes. While Red Skull fights Captain America, and Ultron fights Iron Man, Deadpool fights Hulk! Who will win? Who will lose? You decide! Includes multiple mercenary weapons!

DC Ultrabuild Projects

  • Sinestro (Ultrabuild): The arch-nemesis of Green Lantern, the renegade Sinestro is terrorizing the galaxy with his yellow fear ring! Can the heroes put a stop to his reign of terror? You decide! Includes sword and shield constructs!
  • The Riddler: The Riddler has returned to Gotham, and has teamed up with the Joker to cause mayhem! This time, he wants to confuse even the World's Greatest Detective, Batman, and all the other heroes with riddles to cover up his evil schemes! Can the heroes stop him? You decide the answer to that riddle! Includes Gold staff, and Ray gun!
  • Bizarro (Ultrabuild): Sinestro, The Joker, and The Riddler have decided to bring brawn into the field! Bizarro, an evil clone of Superman, isn't all that intelligent. But he is extremely powerful! Can the heroes stop him and send him back to Bizarro World, or will evil prevail? You decide! Includes cape pieces!
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