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LEGO DC Multiverse
Lego dc super villans

LEGO DC Multiverse is a custom article dedicated to find and present the best custom characters made by players in LEGO DC Super-Villains. These characters may be inspired by real-life people or fictional characters that belong to DC and other properties.

Custom Characters

DC Comics

CharacterCreatorDate of creationImage
Amazo @AndrewLTumlin 16-10-2018 Custom Amazo
Arkham Knight @Blitzwinger 27-10-2018 Custom Arkham Knight
Atom Smasher @AndrewLTumlin 05-03-2019 Custom Atom Smasher
Batman (Terry McGinnis) @Hiddenblade01 27-10-2018 Custom Batman Beyond
The Batman Who Laughs @GeterJoseph 08-11-2018 Custom Batman Laughs
Black Flash @AndrewLTumlin 17-10-2018 Custom Black Flash
Black Lightning @remcs48 07-11-2018 Custom Black Lightning
Black Mask @remcs48 20-10-2018 Custom Black Mask
Blue Beetle @AndrewLTumlin 03-11-2018 Custom Blue Beetle
Blue Lantern Flash @remcs48 22-10-2018 Custom BL Flash
Captain Atom @AndrewLTumlin 05-03-2019 Custom Cap Atom
Citizen Steel @AndrewLTumlin 05-03-2019 Custom Citizen Steel
Deathstroke (Rebirth) @remcs48 25-10-2018 Custom Deathstroke
Slade Wilson @remcs48 25-10-2018 Custom Slade Wilson
Deathstroke (Defiance) @remcs48 09-11-2018 Custom Deathstroke Defiance
Dr. Ikon @remcs48 09-11-2018 Custom Ikon
Ebon @AndrewLTumlin 26-10-2018 Custom Ebon
El Diablo @remcs48 18-11-2018 Custom El Diablo
Godspeed @nothingbutnerd_ 24-10-2018 Custom Godspeed
The Gray Ghost @remcs48 09-11-2018 Custom Gray Ghost
Guardian @AndrewLTumlin 05-03-2019 Custom Guardian
Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) @remcs48 13-11-2018 Custom Harley SS
Hotstreak @AndrewLTumlin 18-10-2018 Custom Hotstreak
Huntress @AndrewLTumlin 03-11-2018 Custom Huntress
Jericho @remcs48 09-11-2018 Custom Jericho
Jericho (Ikon suit) @remcs48 09-11-2018 Custom Jericho Ikon
The Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) @nothingbutnerd_ 24-10-2018 Custom Joker Phoenix
Arthur Fleck @nothingbutnerd_ 24-10-2018 Custom Arthur Fleck
The Joker (Suicide Squad) @remcs48 13-11-2018 Custom Joker SS
Tuxedo Joker @remcs48 13-11-2018 Custom Joker Tux
Imposter Batman @remcs48 09-11-2018 Custom Imposter
Killer Croc (Suicide Squad) @remcs48 13-11-2018 Custom Killer Croc SS
Kyle Rayner @pbjms 31-10-2018 Custom Kyle Rainer
Mad Hatter @remcs48 18-11-2018 Custom Mad Hatter
Monocle @AndrewLTumlin 05-03-2019 Custom Monocle
Ocean Master @remcs48 22-10-2018 Custom Ocean Master
OMAC (Buddy Blank) @AndrewLTumlin 26-10-2018 Custom OMAC
Power Girl @pbjms 18-10-2018 Custom Power Girl
Punk Rocket @AndrewLTumlin 05-03-2019 Custom Punk Rocket
Question @pbjms 18-10-2018 Custom Question
Rampage @AndrewLTumlin 05-03-2019 Custom Rampage
The Ray @AndrewLTumlin 26-10-2018 Custom Ray
Red Hood @GameUnboxing 17-10-2018 Custom Red Hood
Red Lion @remcs48 20-10-2018 Custom Red Lion
Rick Flag, Jr. @remcs48 07-11-2018 Custom Rick Flag
Sand @AndrewLTumlin 05-03-2019 Custom Sand
Savitar @Blitzwinger 01-11-2018 Custom Savitar
Shining Knight @AndrewLTumlin 30-10-2018 Custom Shining Knight
Starman @AndrewLTumlin 26-10-2018 Custom Starman
Static Shock @AndrewLTumlin 18-10-2018 Custom Static Shock
Steel @AndrewLTumlin 05-03-2019 Custom Steel
Vigilante @AndrewLTumlin 26-10-2018 Custom Vigilante
Wally West @AndrewLTumlin 05-03-2019 Custom Wally West
Weather Wizard @AndrewLTumlin 05-03-2019 Custom Weather Wizard
William Wintergreen @remcs48 09-11-2018 Custom Wintergreen
Wotan @AndrewLTumlin 18-10-2018 Custom Wotan

League of Legends

CharacterCreatorDate of creationImage
Ashe @remcs48 07-11-2018 Custom Ashe
Braum @remcs48 07-11-2018 Custom Braum
Cryocore Brand @remcs48 25-10-2018 Custom Cryocore Brand
Twisted Fate @remcs48 25-10-2018 Custom Twisted Fate
Varus Swiftbolt @remcs48 25-10-2018 Custom Varus Swiftbolt


For the details of these customs, visit my page: LEGO Lucifer: The Video Game


CharacterCreatorDate of creationImage
Black Cat @pbjms 22-10-2018 Custom Black Cat
Captain Marvel @nothingbutnerd_ 24-10-2018 Custom Cap Marvel
Daredevil @GameUnboxing 19-10-2018 Custom Daredevil
Deadpool @GameUnboxing 18-10-2018 Custom Deadpool
Doctor Octopus @Blitzwinger 21-10-2018 Custom Doc Oc
Doctor Strange @pbjms 22-10-2018 Custom Doctor Strange
Gamora @Blitzwinger 28-10-2018 Custom Gamora
Ghost Rider @pbjms 22-10-2018 Custom Ghost Rider
Hawkeye @remcs48 07-11-2018 Custom Hawkeye
Old Man Hawkeye @remcs48 18-11-2018 Custom Old Hawkeye
Human Torch @pbjms 22-10-2018 Custom Human Torch
Invisible Woman @Blitzwinger 21-10-2018 Custom Sue Storm
Iron Man @Blitzwinger 27-10-2018 Custom Iron Man
Kraven the Hunter @GameUnboxing 22-11-2018 Custom Kraven
Mister Fantastic @Blitzwinger 21-10-2018 Custom Reed Richards
Moon Knight @Blitzwinger 05-11-2018 Custom Moonknight
Nick Fury Sr. @TaxiLoverTimmy 02-11-2018 Custom Nick Fury
Phoenix @AndrewLTumlin 03-11-2018 Custom Phoenix
Punisher @Blitzwinger 26-10-2018 Custom Punisher
Ronin @remcs48 18-11-2018 Custom Ronin
Scarlet Witch @GameUnboxing 14-11-2018 Custom Scarlett Witch

(Homemade suit)

@GameUnboxing 17-10-2018 Custom Homemade Spiderman
Thanos @Blitzwinger 20-10-2018 Custom Thanos
The Thing @Blitzwinger 21-10-2018 Custom Thing
Thor @nothingbutnerd_ 24-10-2018 Custom Thor
Wolverine @nothingbutnerd_ 24-10-2018 Custom Wolverine
Yondu Udonta @nothingbutnerd_ 24-10-2018 Custom Yondu


CharacterCreatorDate of creationImage
Darui @remcs48 20-10-2018 Custom Darui
Deidara @remcs48 01-11-2018 Custom Deidara
Fourth Raikage @remcs48 31-10-2018 Custom Raikage
Fourth Raikage (Lightning Armor) @remcs48 01-11-2018 Custom Raikage Armor
Hashirama Senju @remcs48 02-11-2018 Custom Hashirama
Hidan @remcs48 18-11-2018 Custom Hidan
Ino Yamanaka @remcs48 21-11-2018 Custom Ino
Jiraya @remcs48 07-11-2018 Custom Jiraya
Kakashi Hatake @remcs48 31-10-2018 Custom Kakashi
Kisame Hoshigaki @remcs48 01-11-2018 Custom Kisame
Might Guy @remcs48 31-10-2018 Custom Guy
Might Guy (Eight Gates) @remcs48 31-10-2018 Custom Guy 8
Naruto Uzumaki @Blitzwinger 28-10-2018 Custon Naruto
Orochimaru @remcs48 01-11-2018 Custom Orochimaru
Sakura Haruno @remcs48 09-11-2018 Custom Sakura
Sasori @remcs48 02-11-2018 Custom Sasori
Sasuke Uchiha @remcs48 01-11-2018 Custom Sasuke
Shikamaru Nara @remcs48 01-11-2018 Custom Shikamaru
Choji Akimichi @remcs48 06-04-2019 Custom Choji
Tobirama Senju @remcs48 01-11-2018 Custom Tobirama
Tsunade @remcs48 13-11-2018 Custom Tsunade
Yamato @remcs48 02-11-2018 Custom Yamato

Real People

CharacterCreatorDate of creationImage
Andy Kaufman @remcs48 31-10-2018 Custom Andy Kaufman
David Ayer @remcs48 25-10-2018 Custom David Ayer
Freddie Mercury @remcs48 26-10-2018 Custom Freddie Mercury
Hideo Kojima @TTGames 18-10-2018 Custom Hideo
Jimi Hendrix @remcs48 18-11-2018 Custom Jimi Hendrix
Stan Lee @Blitzwinger 30-10-2018 Custom Stan Lee
Steven Tyler @remcs48 22-08-2019 Custom Steven Tyler
Tommy Wiseau @TTGames 18-10-2018 Custom Tommy Wiseau

Other Properties

CharacterPropertyCreatorDate of creationImage
Agent 47 Hitman @GameUnboxing 09-11-2018 Custom Agent 47
Altair Assassin's Creed @remcs48 20-10-2018 Custom Altair
Arthur Morgan Red Dead Redemption 2 @nothingbutnerd_ 24-10-2018 Custom Arthur Morgan
Becky Lynch WWE @remcs48 18-11-2018 Custom Becky Lynch
Billy Rocks The Magnificent Seven @remcs48 20-10-2018 Custom Billy Rocks
Borat Borat @remcs48 26-10-2018 Custom Borat
The Bride Kill Bill @remcs48 17-11-2018 Custom Bride
Capitão Falcão Capitão Falcão @remcs48 05-03-2019 Custom CapFalcao
Cobra Bubbles Disney @remcs48 24-10-2018 Custom Cobra Bubbles
The Comedian Watchmen @remcs48 20-10-2018 Custom Comedian
Doc Brown Back to the Future @Blitzwinger 02-11-2018 Custom Doc Brown
Emperor Palpatine Star Wars @DgardsGaming 20-10-2018 Custom Palpatine
Engineer Team Fortress 2 @remcs48 23-10-2018 Custom Engineer
Freddy Krueger A Knightmare on Elm Street @Blitzwinger 31-10-2018 Custom Freddy Krueger
Frieza Dragon Ball Z @remcs48 17-11-2018 Custom Frieza
Gary Final Space @remcs48 12-01-2019 Custom Gary
Goku Dragon Ball Z @Blitzwinger 22-10-2018 Custom Goku
Hellboy Hellboy @Blitzwinger 26-10-2018 Custom Hellboy
He-Man He-Man @LewisBlytheArts 16-10-2018 Custom He Man
John Wick John Wick @remcs48 31-10-2018 Custom John Wick
Jules Pulp Fiction @remcs48 17-11-2018 Custom Jules
Liv Moore iZombie @remcs48 20-10-2018 Custom Liv Moore
Mario Nintendo @TTGames 18-10-2018 Custom Mario
Marquis Warren The Hateful Eight @remcs48 17-11-2018 Custom Marquis
Marty McFly Back to the Future @Blitzwinger 02-11-2018 Custom McFly
Medic Team Fortress 2 @remcs48 13-11-2018 Custom Medic
Megumin Kono Subarashii @remcs48 21-11-2018 Custom Megumin
Mr. Bean Mr. Bean @Blitzwinger 05-11-2018 Custom Mr. Bean
Mr. Mackey South Park @remcs48 04-11-2018 Custom Mackey
Nathaniel Moon Into the Badlands @remcs48 17-11-2018 Custom Nathaniel
Pickle Rick Rick & Morty @TTGames 18-10-2018 Custom Pickle Rick
Red Ranger Mighty Morphin @GameUnboxing 06-11-2018 Custom Red Ranger
Scout Team Fortress 2 @remcs48 07-11-2018 Chai Scout
Skeletor He-Man @KwingReviews 20-10-2018 Custom Skeletor
Spawn Spawn @Blitzwinger 23-10-2018 Custom Spawn
Spy Team Fortress 2 @remcs48 24-10-2018 Custom Spy
Tina Belcher Bob's Burgers @remcs48 22-10-2018 Custom Tina Belcher
Tooth Fairy Tooth Fairy @TTGames 18-10-2018 Custom Toothfairy
The Undertaker WWE @remcs48 31-10-2018 Custom Undertaker
The Widow Into the Badlands @remcs48 20-10-2018 Custom Widow
Vegeta Dragonball Z @remcs48 12-01-2019 Custom Vegeta

The Boys

CharacterCreatorDate of creationImage
Homelander @remcs48 22-08-2019 Custom Homelander
Queen Maeve @remcs48 22-08-2019 Custom Maeve
Starlight @remcs48 22-08-2019 Custom Starlight


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