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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Darth henry's Creations

Darth henry

Darth henry's Creations is the place for all DH's customs that don't have a theme. So basically this is so DH doesn't create 3,000 themes with only a few sets in each :P



  1. Magma Cube
  2. Squid
  3. Steve
  4. Creeper
  5. Slime
  6. Villager


  1. Minecraft Grass Block Ultrabuild
  2. Minecraft Halloween Micro World
  3. Minecraft Tundra Micro World

Artemis Fowl

  1. The Ritual
  2. Foally Command Center
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