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"It's hero time!"
―Ben's Catchphrase

Ben Tennyson is a 3/4 human 1/4 anodite hybrid, and the main character of Ben 10. His powers stem from the omnitrix, an alien watch-like device that allows him to alter his DNA.

Alien forms

Form Species How unlocked
Age 10
Heatblast Pyronite Omnitrix original.
Wildmutt Vulpamancer Omnitrix Original
Diamondhead Petrosapien Omnitrix original.
XLR8 (pronounced ex-el-ar-ate) Kinetcelerian Omnitrix Original
Grey Matter Galvan Omnitrix original.
Four Arms Tetramand Omnitrix Original
Stinkfly Lepodopterran Omnitrix original.
Ripjaws Picceis Volann Omnitrix Original
Upgrade Galvanic Mechamorph Omnitrix Original
Ghostfreak Ectonurite Omnitrix Original
Cannonbolt Aburian Pelorota Accidentally unlocked by Gwen
Wildvine Florauna Accidentally unlocked by Ben messing with the omnitrix.
Blitzwolfer Loboan Unlocked by Ben unknowingly scanning a Loboan nicknamed Yenaldooshi.
Snare-oh Thep Kuphan Unlocked by Ben scanning an alien Mummy.
Frankenstrike Transylian Unlocked by Ben scanning Dr. Viktor.
Upchuck Gourmand Unlocked by Xylene.
Ditto Splixson Accidentally unlocked by Ben.
Eye Guy Opticiod Unlocked offscreen
Way Big To'kustar Unlocked by Azmuth
Age 11
Feedback Conductoid Unlocked in unknown circumstances. Was Destroyed by Malware.
Arctiguana Polar Manzardill Unlocked offscreen
Spitter Spheriod Unlocked offscreen Age 15
Swampfire Methanosian Recalibrated Omnitrix original.
Echo Echo Sonorosian Recalibrated Omnitrix original
Humungasaur Vaxasaurian Recalibrated Omnitrix original
Jetray Aerophibian Recalibrated Omnitrix original
Big Chill Necrofriggian Recalibrated Omnitrix original
Chromastone Crystalsapien Recalibrated Omnitrix original
Brainstorm Cerebrocrustation Recalibrated Omnitrix original
Spidermonkey Arachnachimp Recalibrated Omnitrix original
Goop Polymorph Recalibrated Omnitrix original
Alien X Celestialsapien Recalibrated Omnitrix original
Lodestar Biosovortian Unlocked by Playlist reshuffling.
RATH! Appoplexian Accidentally unlocked by a young lewodan.
Nanomech 1/2 Nanochip, 1/2 Human Unlocked by scanning nanochips.
Age 16 Ultimatrix
Water Hazard Orishan Scanned Bivalvan
Terraspin Geochelone Aerio Scanned the peaceful Galapagus
NRG Prypiatosian-B Scanned the alien criminal Pandor
Armodrillo Talpaedan Scanned the childlike Andreas
AmpFibian Amperi Scanned Ra'ad.
Clockwork Chronosapien Unlocked by Ben 10,000
Fasttrack Citrakayah Unlocked by Ben 10,000
ChamAlien Merlinisapien Unlocked by scanning Prisoner 775
Eatle Oryctini Unlocked by Ben 10,000
Jury Rigg Planchakule Unlocked by Ben 10,000
Shocksquatch Gimlinopithecus Unlocked by Alpha
Age 16 New Omnitrix
Bloxx Segmentasapien Unknown
Gravattack Galilean Unknown
Crashhopper Orthopterran Unknown
Ball Weevil Unknown Unknown
Walkatrout Ickthyperambuloid Accidentally unlocked by Blukic and Driba, the Milky Way's dumbest geniuses, trying to fix the Omnitrix.
Pesky Dust Nemuina Accidentally unlocked by Blukic and Driba trying to fix the Omnitrix.
Molestatch Unknown Accidentally unlocked by Blukic and Driba trying to fix the Omnitrix.
The Worst Atrocian Accidentally unlocked by Blukic and Driba trying to fix the Omnitrix.
Kicking Hawk Unknown Unlocked by scanning Liam after Blukic and Driba finally manage to fix the Omnitrix.
Toepick Unknown Unlocked offscreen
Astrodactyl Unknown Unlocked Accidentally.
Bullfrag Incursean Unlocked by Azmuth so Ben could infiltrate the incursean armada.
Atomix Unknown Unlocked by Azmuth after getting his intelligence drained.
Gutrot Unknown Unlocked by accident.
Whampire Vladat Unlocked by scanning Lord Transyl


The Biomnitrix is the Omnitrix system used by Ben 10,00 in the future. The Biomnitrix is actually two Omnitrixes that are linked together, thus allowing the user to perform alien fusions by slamming the two gauntlets together. The original Omnitrix cannot do this without removing its faceplate. By using just one gauntlet, the user can transform into normal aliens.

Biomnitrix Aliens

Form Form 1 Form 2
Atomic-X Atomix Alien X
Big Chuck Upchuck Way Big
Cannonstrike Cannonbolt
Clocksquatch Clockwork Shocksquatch
Clocktomix Clockwork Atomic
Crashocker Crashhopper Shocksquatch
Diamond Matter Diamondhead Grey Matter
Diamondmutt Diamondhead Wildmutt
Echo Ditto Echo Ditto Echo Echo Ditto
Fourmungousaur Four Arms Humungousaur
Frankenhead Diamondhead Frankenstrike
Gravadactyl Gravattack Astrodactyl
Heat Jaws Heatblast Ripjaws
Humungoopsaur Goop Humungousaur
Stink Arms Four Arms Stinkfly
UpRigg Upgrade Jury Rigg
XLR-Freak XLR8 Ghostfreak
XLR-Wolf XLR8 Blitzwolfer


  • Due to his alien heretage, Ben has the ability to use magic, even if he doesn't know it.
    • This was proven when his future self used the spell Contego to protect himself from one of Eon's Time blasts.
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