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"I'll be back!"
―Arnold Shortszenegger This is a Official Unofficial Description from Do not modify it!

I'll be back! Arnold Shortszenegger is a guy that you probaly don't want to deal with to much! he can tear the Demolition Dummy into 12 pieces before you can say ouch! although Arnold Shortszenegger is a big muscle guy who can tear almost anything apart he still has a softer side of him for making kid friendly movies. Like Kindergarten Police and Jangle all the way, Although he does have a slight temper at times.


He has brown Chase McCain hair, a shirt from Pharaoh's Quest, Dark brown pants, and a grumpy looking face.


  • He's a parody on Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • His bio has his most famous line in it.
  • His bio also mentions Kindergarten Cop and Jingle all the way but are called Kindergarten Police and Jangle all the way.