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CrystalienConflict Engineer1

Mars Mission


Technology kit




The Engineer is a type astronaut in the game Crystalien Conflict. They have no weapons but have the ability to heal damaged vehicles or buildings and hack into enemy ones.


CrystalienConflict Engineer2

Purchasing an engineer

In appearance, engineers are identical to infantry soldiers. They have a white spacesuit that covers their hands, torso and legs. Their hips are grey, likely covered by a belt. They wear silver and orange body armour over the front of their torso and have two mechanical devices clipped to their sides. Engineers wear a single oxygen tank on their back and a white helmet with a golden visor.


Engineers can fix damaged human vehicles and technology. They can also hack into Alien ones. Once this is done, they can also repair it and use it for human means. They can not hack Alien vehicles, but can take over an Alien factory. Once this is done, generating human-controlled Alien vehicles is a simple matter.

Human Engineers have very little health, no means of attack or defense and move rather slowly, making them very vulnerable to attack.

Game Tactics

CC-Cutscene AstroTechKit

An engineer reaches for his technology kit in a cutscene

When infiltrating an enemy complex, traveling in groups or in dropships are the most effective means of success. When in groups, the enemy defense turrets focus their attack on one engineer at a time, leaving the others to safely get behind enemy lines into the heart of the base. Dropships are quicker but more risky, as they have very little health and provide a clear target for defense turrets. If a dropship manages to survive getting past the turrets, every engineer lives. If the dropship is destroyed, every engineer is also eliminated.



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