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Clock King

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"Like many people, William Tockman has always been very interested in clocks and timing. Unlike most, he decided to wear a big clock on his face, draw smaller clocks all over his outfit, and become a professional clock-themed super-criminal. He may not be very good at it, but at least Clock King™ always shows up to big Super Hero vs. Super-Villain fights exactly on time!"

The Clock King is a DC Comics minifigure who appears in The LEGO Batman Movie.


William Tockman found out that he was dying and, afraid that nobody would care for his sister after he was gone, he became the Clock King to steal money using his knowledge of schedules and clock-based gimmicks, but was defeated and apprehended by Green Arrow. During his stay in prison, the Clock King found out that his terminal diagnosis was wrong, and his sister died alone.

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  • Despite mostly being a Green Arrow enemy, the character appeared in the 60's Batman series and the DC Animated Universe as an enemy of Batman, which earns him a spot in The LEGO Batman Movie.
  • In LEGO DC Super-Villains, he has an exact same appearance as The LEGO Batman Movie version except with a regular minifigure head rather than a unique mold and has a green boots on it. He armed with a remote control clock.


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