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"Honk honk!"
―Circus Clown

The Circus Clown is a minifigure introduced in 2010, as part of 8683 Minifigures Series 1.


The Circus Clown includes many unique parts and features. He has a large red afro hairpiece, which was later used in black for the Disco Dude from Series 2. His face shows white makeup around his mouth and a red nose. His torso is lime green with printing showing prominent buttons and a red bow tie, and his trousers are made of two colours, light blue and red. There are patches of the opposite colour on each leg. He also comes with a golden horn.


In an animation, the Clown is surrounded by a group of minifigures juggling their accessories. Eventually the clown loses his balance and all the accessories fall on the wrong minifigures as a disaster. The group of minifigures then run after him while the clown is running off with his horn.

The LEGO Movie

In The LEGO Movie, the Circus Clown is among the Master Builders that meet in Cloud Cuckoo Land. At one point, he and Lizard Man were face painting Batman in Cloud Cuckoo Land when the Fellowship of Strangers arrive. He is also a member of Clown Town, which is one of the many realms in the universe. Emmet also briefly dresses as him.


  • This minifigure, unlike most other minifigures, has a nose printed on its face.
  • Two other clowns (Small Clown and Sad Clown) were released in Series 5 and 10. Instead of a horn, the small clown has a pie and the sad clown has nothing.
  • Parts of this minifigure appeared in the Build-a-Minifigure bins at the LEGO Store.
  • The Circus Clown's face is available on the Expanded version of LEGO Digital Designer.
  • His hairpiece is the same as Disco Dude's, but in red.
  • He appears in the LEGO Lord of the Rings mini-movie, "Mayhem in the Mines".
  • His face is used in the Gotham Funland in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.
  • It mentions in Samurai Warrior's bio that one of Circus Clown's gags had once made him laugh.
  • He appears in The LEGO Movie as a Master Builder and joined the meeting in Cloud Cuckoo Land.
  • He makes a cameo in the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu episode, The Art of the Silent Fist. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

“Honk honk!”

Everything in life is a joke to the mirthful, merry and mischievous Circus Clown. Whenever things get too dull, up he pops with a banana cream pie to toss, a bottle of seltzer to spray, or a honk of his horn to brighten your day. You can always count on him to appear with a funny gag at just the right moment to lighten the mood.

The Circus Clown is a master of physical comedy, and it’s a good thing, too – aside from a honk of his horn or his big red nose, he never makes a sound, even when doubled-over with laughter at his own silly antics!



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