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Cedric The Bull
Cedric the Bull2

Knights' Kingdom


Silver Helmet, Black Helmet


Helmet, Bull Horns, Sword, Bull Shield




Cedric The Bull is a character from the Knights' Kingdom line that was released in 2000.


This evil leader is obsessed with the thought of taking over the castle, seizing the power, and banishing King Leo and his family from the land. Night and day, Cedric spends his time planning attacks. According to a Knight's Kingdom storybook, Cedric is the 13th son of a King whose land was far away from Leo's castle. Furthermore, when it came time for the sons to receive their inheritance, all the land fell to the other sons before Cedric got his share. His desire for Leo's land is thus explained.

Cedric is the leader of the Bulls, a group of knights who form their headquarters in the forest surrounding Leo's castle. Cedric's most trusted minions include Weezil, an expert on traps and Gilbert The Bad, a siege engineer. In the storybook, Cedric is joined by a former Lion guard, Boris, who had been banished after attempting to steal Leo's crown.

Cedric appeared in many games while the Knight's Kingdom line was active, including LEGO Creator Knights' Kingdom and LEGO Island 2 as well as being seen in LEGO Print Workshop and LEGOLAND. In the former, he plays the main antagonist, and the player's task usually involves stopping Cedric from plotting and the like. In LEGO Island 2, he returns as the leader of the bulls; though on the Castle Island stage, the Bulls and Lions are portrayed more as perpetually fighting for the fun of it than due to any lasting animosity. Cedric, however, owns a castle and is the villain of the island. Cedric is seen as a minion of The Brickster as well as an ambitious and evil warlord. The player, as Pepper Roni, ends up fighting Cedric in the sub-game "Raging Bull" and in the end Cedric is defeated.


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