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Gear is all the non-set stuff LEGO release. This includes Key Chains, Play wear, clothes and other things.



Project Gear aims to write articles on all Gear related things. Ideally, the goal is to achieve at least articles for all, if not complete status.


To join the project, simply add your name to the bottom of the list.


  • Titles of articles: T-shirt or T-Shirt? abbreviations (like SW or MF) or full titles? LEGO in front of most titles or just specific cases. (e.g. LEGO Cookie Cutter or Cookie Cutter.

Include in Articles

  • Related sets. E.g. other Anakin key chains, or salt and pepper shakers.

articles needed

Rating-5-glossy Class 5: This article needs immediate attention (stubs, deletion requests etc.)
Rating-4-glossy Class 4: Articles that are (or should be) tagged with maintenance requests and have only few original content, are list-only articles or are not MoS-compliant.
Rating-3-glossy Class 3: Articles that are acceptable but could still need some work (MoS-compliant articles that still lack info or articles that have a lot of content but are not MoS-compliant)
Rating-2-glossy Class 2: These articles are complete
Rating-1-glossy Class 1: This is a good article
Rating-fa-glossy Featured: This article has gained featured status
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