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Some Brickipedians have formed a project to improve all articles related to the Minifigures theme. If you wish to join, feel free to add your name to the list of members below!


  • Get all articles on the minifigures themselves to at least C2 status.
  • Get the theme's article to at least C1 status.
  • Get the articles on the individual sets to at least C2 status.
  • Create inventories for all series and minifigures.
  • Create articles for all parts used in the theme.
  • Create reviews for every series and minifigure.


8683 Minifigures Series 1
  • Article: C2
  • Minifigures: C2
  • Parts/Inventories: Not complete
  • Reviews: Series yes, Minifigures no
8684 Minifigures Series 2
8803 Minifigures Series 3


If you wish to join, just add your name!
(however, if you do nothing for the group for a month or more, you will be booted out)


If you are not a member of the Quality Check Group (QCG), then request that articles you have improved be upgraded either here, or at any of the various request rating pages.

Requests for rating

Rating-5-glossy Class 5: This article needs immediate attention (stubs, deletion requests etc.)
Rating-4-glossy Class 4: Articles that are (or should be) tagged with maintenance requests and have only few original content, are list-only articles or are not MoS-compliant.
Rating-3-glossy Class 3: Articles that are acceptable but could still need some work (MoS-compliant articles that still lack info or articles that have a lot of content but are not MoS-compliant)
Rating-2-glossy Class 2: These articles are complete
Rating-1-glossy Class 1: This is a good article
Rating-fa-glossy Featured: This article has gained featured status
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