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BrickiProjects are community based Projects dedicated to getting certain things done on Brickipedia. This could be simply improving articles for a theme, like Batman, or a specific task group to approve and work on Bot pages.

History of BrickiProjects

Note: This section may be incomplete, either because we have not found earlier history, or something may have been updated. You are welcome to add to it.

BrickiProjects were originally taken from Wikipedia's WikiProjects. There was then a nice forum discussion brought up on Brickipedia located here. The first BrickiProjects, the Bot Approval Group and the DUPLO BrickiProject were setup, and now Brickipedia has BrickiProjects for lots of different areas.

Current BrickiProjects

This is a complete list of known BrickiProjects.

DUPLO project
Bot Approval Group
SW Episode II project
Creating Racers Articles Project
FA & GA Squad
Project Gear
Project Locations
Project Batman
Project Harry Potter 4-6
Project Years
Stop and Categorise
Project CMS
FA Restoration Group
The Pink Police
Modular Buildings
Monster Fighters
Project Ninjago

More BrickiProjects

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