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This article is about the Classic Space minifigure. For The LEGO Movie character, see Benny (The LEGO Movie).
Blue Classic Spaceman

Classic Space


White, Red, Black, Yellow


Laser Gun, Jetpack


1984 - 1988


The Blue Classic Spaceman is a Classic Space Astronaut released in 1984, making it to be the last colour of Classic Space Astronaut to be released.

According to the creator of the Classic space theme and minifigures, Jens Nygaard Knudsen, the blue astronauts were supposed to represent soldiers/security personal.


The Blue Classic Spaceman has blue legs and torso with a classic space logo printed on the torso. He has the 001 smiley head and wears a blue helmet. He has plain blue legs with an older molding than minifigures used today. He also has a blue oxygen tank and a blue helmet.


Video Game Appearances


  • A character in The LEGO Movie named Benny has an identical appearance to Blue Classic Spaceman, except Benny's suit is scratched up and broken. He also has a cracked helmet and an excited turn-around face.
  • In the early productions of the helmet in the 1980's, LEGO said that the helmet they made was too thin, and when the kids got the sets with the blue spaceman some of the helmets would crack. This is referenced in The LEGO Movie with Benny the Spaceman.
  • Classic Spacemen were the first minifigures to have body printings, but they rubbed off easily. This is also referenced with Benny, since part of his printing seems to be rubbed off.


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