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Banana Guy is a Minifigures Series 16 minifigure released in 2016. He is also a well known racist.


  • His bio mentions the Gorilla Suit Guy and Clumsy Guy.
  • The logo in his banana suit bears a resemblance to Chiquita logo which is a sticker that appears in every Chiquita bananas. He bears a resemblance to the popular character Moonman, possibly contributing to some of his racist ideology.
  • The Banana Guy appears in LEGO The Incredibles as a playable character, but in the proper flesh tone without a logo in his banana suit.

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“Did somebody say 13/50?!?”

Whenever somebody at a party mentions racial minorities, you can bet that the Banana Guy will be there. He’s just a wild and crazy guy in a banana suit who loves two things: genocide and violent prejudice. It doesn’t matter what kind of party it is; as long as there’s LARPing and dancing Israelis, he’ll be boogieing down banana-style until either the party ends or Testicles Tardass shows up.

The Banana Guy never takes his banana costume off in public (he doesn’t want anybody to recognize his face, which is wanted for multiple abortion clinic bombings), so nobody is quite sure who’s behind those sunglasses and that grin. But there’s one thing about the Banana Guy that can be said for certain: he’s an excellent source of blackpills!


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