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BIONICLE: The Bohrok Awake - McDonald's Card Pack w/Mighty Kids Meal Bag
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BTBA BIONICLE: The Bohrok Awake - McDonald's Card Pack w/Mighty Kids Meal Bag is a 2002 BIONICLE set. The cards were exclusively available with Mighty Kids Meals, unlike previous Happy Meal related promotions. The cards were randomly sorted in blister packs and glued softly to the Mighty Kids Meal bags.

Assortment of Cards

The series contained 30 cards total - 15 foil and 15 non-foil. Each pack included 5 cards in a 4:1 ratio of non-foils to foils, although on rare occasion more than one foil would appear in packs. Also included in each pack was 1 of 3 mini-comics based on the 2003 storyline of Bionicle figures, often using the same images and narration for a concise story.

Inventory of card is as follows:

2 cards for each of the 6 Toa figures, both foils - one displaying the Toa, another displaying their Nuva mask.

2 for each of the 6 breeds of Bohrok in different poses.

3 Exo-Toa cards for use with Kopaka, Lewa and Pohatu.

3 Rahi cards for each species, except Tarakava: Muaka, Nui-Jaga and Nui-Rama.

Each card has different attributes for the gameplay, and in a green or purple circle is the card number.

This card game is not compatible with the Starter Packs of a similar name released around this time.


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26613650 10209195975097067 1006491511 o
26653090 10209195970536953 672140379 o
26732695 10209195970376949 1134308505 o
26732343 10209195971016965 1869174447 o
26653991 10209195970976964 1230727379 o
26652903 10209195971776984 6075788 o
26655163 10209195971696982 2004030466 o
26552690 10209195971656981 39508441 n
26638503 10209195971736983 165131489 n
26613789 10209195971856986 1937291855 o
26735111 10209195970456951 1041286614 o
26613955 10209195970576954 1202723731 o

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